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Mobility Enhancement Brand, Subrand & Packaging


Mobility Enhancement is a Melbourne based company that has invested vast amounts of time and resources developing a range of healthcare products for Equine and Human applications.


A new brand was required to give the company a strong, distinct and highly credible identity that will appeal to a wide consumer base. The new brand needs to represent the elite quality of products on offer and have a unique presence that stands out in all market place scenarios. The dfference between its own brand and its competitors’ brands needed to be black and white!

The sub-brands continue the elite look and feel of the company brand whilst clearly identifying the specific groups that they relate to. The design should be flexible so that any future products can be added seamlessly to the family.

Each sub-brand can be accompanied with dynamic, free-flowing illustrations when required that instantly identify each group and convey the key qualities of the products. These will be particularly dramatic on packaging, point of sale applications and on the website.

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