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FLD Brand & Guidelines


Dufek & Associates have been providing professional services and financial advice to a wide variety of businesses for over 30 years. Over the years it became apparent that the American EducationSystem had failed to teach the most basic principles of managing personal finances and now 70% of Americans wake up in debt. So in 2008 they began offering courses in financial literacy to any who would listen from high school seniors to business executives.


So far over 20,000 people have benefited from this service but the  gap in the market is so large that a new brand is needed to accelerate this vital education process. The logo for this brand needed to instil a sense of trust in the company it represents, along with permanence and reliability.


This company’s mission is to empower as many people as possible to become financially literate and to take control of their own destiny so the tagline "Write your own future" was created which tied in with the pen nib featured in the design of the logo.

The Brand Guidelines were then developed to cover every aspect of the brand that could ever be needed, a few of the pages are featured below.

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